Let There Be Light… and Night – Week 28 Update

A lot of changes and polish has gone into Reverie in the past couple weeks! Quests, adding dialog, tweaking plot points, and most recently – shaders! I’ve been working on a few shaders for the game that will really accentuate the environment. Right now there is just a few plot points that happen at night, but I am currently looking into making a regular night and day transition part of the game.

I am working on a free demo that should be ready in August for Windows! It will be available for download through the IndieDB page here.

Kickstarting – Week 25 Update

Reverie Kickstarter has gone live, check it out here!

I wanted to wait as I have major changes coming to the combat system, but I really needed to publish Kickstarter now to force myself to get the word out. Pax Prime is only 80 days away and I’ve done virtually nothing to generate any buzz. I am worried I might be poisoning myself by releasing a video with pre-alpha footage, and I probably should have mentioned that in the video, but if the Kickstarter fails hopefully I’ll at least get some feedback about what I should change.

I feel like Reverie doesn’t have it’s own identity. It feels like just another generic RPG right now, but that will all change once I get these battle changes in. I am very anxious going back to the design phase so close to Pax Prime, but it really needs to happen. I probably should have kept with my original goal of doing first announcement at Pax East 2015, but I might have just procrastinated and faced the same problems.

Let the Summer of Anxiety begin!