Kickstarting – Week 25 Update

Reverie Kickstarter has gone live, check it out here! I wanted to wait as I have major changes coming to the combat system, but I really needed to publish Kickstarter now to force myself to get the word out. Pax […]


Reverie & Dog Jog – Week 16 Update

I’ve finally named my RPG and it will be called Reverie! The battle system is 80% done and almost completely data driven, which is awesome and means I can add and tweak things quickly. April has been a lot more […]


A Sneak Preview of Our Heroes – Week 12 update

I’ve been working with to make all the assets for the game and they have been going to town and rocking out! Very pleased with way things are coming together, so here is a sneak preview of our main heroes: […]


Artist Anxiety – Week 8 Update

So after the week 6 update, I realized that I desperately needed to find a pixel artist by the end of the month or I would probably be missing some important deadlines for milestones. So I put out the word […]


Work In Progress – Week 6 Update

Comparing how the game looked week 1 make me realize how far things have come! I’ve been a busy bee: writing, coding, writing, coding, designing, coding, testing… and all the while drinking gratuitous amounts of coffee. The story is still […]


[LibGDX] Control Scene2D Buttons With A Controller

LibGDX provides a great way to setup a UI, but it only works with touch or mouse and keyboard.  I really wanted to control the main menu of my game with my controller, so I made a wrapper to simulate […]


The Start of Something Awesome – Week 1 Update

Decided my first game is going to be an RPG and progress has been going steady.  Trello board is filled with cards and will continue to grow in size over the course of this week. Here is a peek at […]