Detroit Game Devs Meetup

Detroit Game Developers Unite!

Peter Guenther from Grand Circus and myself have started up a meetup for Detroit game developers!

Join the Meetup group here.  Also we have a Slack channel you can join here.

Our first Meetup is scheduled for May 4th.  The agenda will be introducing ourselves as well as going through Ludum Dare 38 entries.  If you are making something for LD38, make sure you hop in the Slack channel and share your progress!  I’ll also be streaming my LD38 progress on Twitch here.

Future meetups we are planning to have training sessions , guest speakers from across the gaming industry, and potentially hosting our own Detroit area game jam!

We’re looking forward to seeing you there and helping the Detroit game development community grow!

Underground Express V0.3.2 is out!

You are a delivery bot working for Cloak & Dagger Deliveries Inc. The trouble is the only places you deliver to are secret societies, so you’ll have to use the clues given to you to find the correct one. If you mess up a delivery, you might find yourself face to face with a killbot.

Play (WebGL/Windows)

Hello New Year, Hello New Games

Been a while since my last post, so time for an update!  Since I left my job this past September, I have created 6 games and have 2 in progress!  Holy cow!  Here is a little timeline of them (links to all of these can be found on my page here):


Face Puncher (made for Ludum Dare 33)

Rainbow Dragon Slayer (made for Mini Ludum Dare 62)

Rocket Racer (made for October Challenge, I succeeded and made my first dollar from game development ever!)

Stare Faux (made for November #UE4JAM)

Eagle Farts (made for Mini Ludum Dare 63)

Hyper Hydra Havoc (made for Ludum Dare 34)

In Progress

Secret Society  (a puzzle game based on an idea from Terry Pratchett’s book “Guards! Guards!”)

Mars Base Simulator (sim game for the first ever LibGDX Jam)

After finishing my current in progress projects, my next step for 2016 will be taking one of these prototype idea, remaking it into a full game, and releasing it.  At the moment, it is looking like it will most likely be either Face Puncher or Secret Society.  Either way, I am very excited to see what 2016 has in store for Broken Shotgun!

I’m Back!

I’m back to working on games full time!  Actually I have been since the beginning of September and I’ve already finished 2 prototypes, an entry for Ludum Dare 33 (Face Puncher) and an entry for Mini Ludum Dare 62 (Rainbow Dragon Slayer).  I’m also currently working on a third one, a Rocket Racing game (untitled at the moment), for the October Challenge 2015.

I’ve switched to using Unity and wow has it made the difference; so many headaches of programming things from scratch with LibGDX are just taken care of for you.  Plus the ability to prototype quickly and modify variables on the fly means you get to spend time on the more important stuff rather than number bumping and recompiling.  I’m also hoping to play around with Game Maker Studio and Unreal Engine sometime this year.

A main focus of mine with this attempt at full-time game development is visibility.  I really want to get the stuff I make in front of people as soon as possible.  I’m trying not to be a ghost, so I’ll try to post or at least Tweet about progress or when I start a new project.  Also I am going to get a Twitch stream up of my development, too.  I’ll post a stream schedule and link when that is all good and ready.

That’s it now, you’ll here from me soon kids!  Til then, keep it interesting.

Self Conference

I am presenting “LibGDX – A Postmortem” at Self Conference Saturday, May 30th!  I’ll be making some polish tweaks to “Throw the Moon” and adding new stuff to my presentation from my DevFest talk.

Dawn of a New Day

Michigan DevFest 2015!

It has been quiet in the Broken Shotgun office since the flood in August, but I am happy to announce the game development cogs are churning once again!  I have been selected to give a presentation at this year’s Michigan GDG DevFest!  Stay tuned for updates!

Let There Be Light… and Night – Week 28 Update

A lot of changes and polish has gone into Reverie in the past couple weeks! Quests, adding dialog, tweaking plot points, and most recently – shaders! I’ve been working on a few shaders for the game that will really accentuate the environment. Right now there is just a few plot points that happen at night, but I am currently looking into making a regular night and day transition part of the game.

I am working on a free demo that should be ready in August for Windows! It will be available for download through the IndieDB page here.

Kickstarting – Week 25 Update

Reverie Kickstarter has gone live, check it out here!

I wanted to wait as I have major changes coming to the combat system, but I really needed to publish Kickstarter now to force myself to get the word out. Pax Prime is only 80 days away and I’ve done virtually nothing to generate any buzz. I am worried I might be poisoning myself by releasing a video with pre-alpha footage, and I probably should have mentioned that in the video, but if the Kickstarter fails hopefully I’ll at least get some feedback about what I should change.

I feel like Reverie doesn’t have it’s own identity. It feels like just another generic RPG right now, but that will all change once I get these battle changes in. I am very anxious going back to the design phase so close to Pax Prime, but it really needs to happen. I probably should have kept with my original goal of doing first announcement at Pax East 2015, but I might have just procrastinated and faced the same problems.

Let the Summer of Anxiety begin!

Reverie & Dog Jog – Week 16 Update

I’ve finally named my RPG and it will be called Reverie! The battle system is 80% done and almost completely data driven, which is awesome and means I can add and tweak things quickly. April has been a lot more visual work, but I’ll be holding off posting a ton of updates as I’ll be busy figuring out what to put in the Kickstarter video. I am aiming to have video done and Kickstarter up by the end of May and possibly a playable demo not too long after that. I’ve been making maps in Tiled and testing out animations with my newly purchased tool Spine. Spine is going to save me tons of time as I don’t have to build animation tools anymore! Thank you for LibGDX runtimes you wonderful glorious developers you!

On a different note, in March I took a short break from working on Reverie to work on a smaller project. In January of this year, Tommy LeRoy from Go! Comedy in Ferndale, MI approached me to make a game for an upcoming late night show. I accepted and then in March we actually sat down to figure out what would be in the game. Tommy produced all of the art, which looks pretty spiffy, and he helped me design the game. I made all the SFX with sfxr and programmed the game using LibGDX. It has been on/off development over the past couple months, but I’d say total the project only took about a week of development time. Not too shabby!

The show, Defenders of Greatness: Joysticks of Glory (or DOG JOG for short), is out now and it is hilariously amazing! Check out LaughStub for tickets, it is playing Thursdays at 10pm til May 17th.

Download it for Android here! Don’t have an Android phone? No worries, a web version is on the way soon!

A Sneak Preview of Our Heroes – Week 12 update

I’ve been working with to make all the assets for the game and they have been going to town and rocking out! Very pleased with way things are coming together, so here is a sneak preview of our main heroes: Edwin, Lydia, and Hunter!

I’ve also been at working on creating the sound effects, something that is surprisingly time consuming to get just right, and my friend Chris Petersen (Twitter: @cdpetersenmi) has started working on the music.

I’ve made an Editor for the game and made most everything I can as data driven as possible, which means that when it comes time to making everything final it should be fast to make and easy to tweak any one part of the game.

Look forward to a KickStarter video at end of May and possibly a downloadable playable demo!