Author: Jason, Author at Broken Shotgun


Making a Platformer in Unity with the Standard Assets

Here is a recording of a talk I did last night for Detroit Game Devs.  I’m looking to refine and give this talk again soon and hopefully this weekend I’ll update this blog post with a more through walk through.


Detroit Game Devs Meetup

Detroit Game Developers Unite! Peter Guenther from Grand Circus and myself have started up a meetup for Detroit game developers! Join the Meetup group here.  Also we have a Slack channel you can join here. Our first Meetup is scheduled […]


Underground Express V0.3.2 is out!

You are a delivery bot working for Cloak & Dagger Deliveries Inc. The trouble is the only places you deliver to are secret societies, so you’ll have to use the clues given to you to find the correct one. If […]


Hello New Year, Hello New Games

Been a while since my last post, so time for an update!  Since I left my job this past September, I have created 6 games and have 2 in progress!  Holy cow!  Here is a little timeline of them (links […]


Rocket Racer Released

Rocket Racer has been released, you can get it here: Story The Universe is being plagued by a virus that is able to spread through space and infect a planet in seconds! You are the AI of a nuke […]


I’m Back!

I’m back to working on games full time!  Actually I have been since the beginning of September and I’ve already finished 2 prototypes, an entry for Ludum Dare 33 (Face Puncher) and an entry for Mini Ludum Dare 62 (Rainbow […]


Self Conference

I am presenting “LibGDX – A Postmortem” at Self Conference Saturday, May 30th!  I’ll be making some polish tweaks to “Throw the Moon” and adding new stuff to my presentation from my DevFest talk.


Throw the Moon

Throw the Moon development is done… for now!  I want to fix a visual bug that blocks out the neat moon fall animation I had when you clear a stage that only seems to happen in the release build, but […]


Dawn of a New Day

Michigan DevFest 2015! It has been quiet in the Broken Shotgun office since the flood in August, but I am happy to announce the game development cogs are churning once again!  I have been selected to give a presentation at […]


Let There Be Light… and Night – Week 28 Update

A lot of changes and polish has gone into Reverie in the past couple weeks! Quests, adding dialog, tweaking plot points, and most recently – shaders! I’ve been working on a few shaders for the game that will really accentuate […]