Underground Express V0.3.2 is out!

You are a delivery bot working for Cloak & Dagger Deliveries Inc. The trouble is the only places you deliver to are secret societies, so you’ll have to use the clues given to you to find the correct one. If you mess up a delivery, you might find yourself face to face with a killbot.

Play (WebGL/Windows)

Hello New Year, Hello New Games

Been a while since my last post, so time for an update!  Since I left my job this past September, I have created 6 games and have 2 in progress!  Holy cow!  Here is a little timeline of them (links to all of these can be found on my itch.io page here):


Face Puncher (made for Ludum Dare 33)

Rainbow Dragon Slayer (made for Mini Ludum Dare 62)

Rocket Racer (made for October Challenge, I succeeded and made my first dollar from game development ever!)

Stare Faux (made for November #UE4JAM)

Eagle Farts (made for Mini Ludum Dare 63)

Hyper Hydra Havoc (made for Ludum Dare 34)

In Progress

Secret Society  (a puzzle game based on an idea from Terry Pratchett’s book “Guards! Guards!”)

Mars Base Simulator (sim game for the first ever LibGDX Jam)

After finishing my current in progress projects, my next step for 2016 will be taking one of these prototype idea, remaking it into a full game, and releasing it.  At the moment, it is looking like it will most likely be either Face Puncher or Secret Society.  Either way, I am very excited to see what 2016 has in store for Broken Shotgun!