Reverie & Dog Jog – Week 16 Update

I’ve finally named my RPG and it will be called Reverie! The battle system is 80% done and almost completely data driven, which is awesome and means I can add and tweak things quickly. April has been a lot more visual work, but I’ll be holding off posting a ton of updates as I’ll be busy figuring out what to put in the Kickstarter video. I am aiming to have video done and Kickstarter up by the end of May and possibly a playable demo not too long after that. I’ve been making maps in Tiled and testing out animations with my newly purchased tool Spine. Spine is going to save me tons of time as I don’t have to build animation tools anymore! Thank you for LibGDX runtimes you wonderful glorious developers you!

On a different note, in March I took a short break from working on Reverie to work on a smaller project. In January of this year, Tommy LeRoy from Go! Comedy in Ferndale, MI approached me to make a game for an upcoming late night show. I accepted and then in March we actually sat down to figure out what would be in the game. Tommy produced all of the art, which looks pretty spiffy, and he helped me design the game. I made all the SFX with sfxr and programmed the game using LibGDX. It has been on/off development over the past couple months, but I’d say total the project only took about a week of development time. Not too shabby!

The show, Defenders of Greatness: Joysticks of Glory (or DOG JOG for short), is out now and it is hilariously amazing! Check out LaughStub for tickets, it is playing Thursdays at 10pm til May 17th.

Download it for Android here! Don’t have an Android phone? No worries, a web version is on the way soon!