Work In Progress – Week 6 Update

Comparing how the game looked week 1 make me realize how far things have come! I’ve been a busy bee: writing, coding, writing, coding, designing, coding, testing… and all the while drinking gratuitous amounts of coffee. The story is still in it’s infancy, but I know exactly how the game is going to start and what is going to be in the demo. Aiming to have the demo, an awesome video, and a Kickstarter page up by April!

Here are some pics of the current build:

3 Replies to “Work In Progress – Week 6 Update”

    1. Thanks Garrett!

      I do love me some Java! I am using LibGDX and my main target is PC and hopefully Ouya for initial launch late this year. After first launch I will expand out to Mac and Linux. We should meet up and talk sometime! Are you still out on the west side of the state?

      1. Yep still out in Grand Rapids.
        We should definitely meet up some time. I’ve been pretty busy as of late but I could probably find a day one of these weekends to swing out there. That or you could come check out the OPifex office sometime and we could try out each others games on the Ouya.

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