Artist Anxiety – Week 8 Update

So after the week 6 update, I realized that I desperately needed to find a pixel artist by the end of the month or I would probably be missing some important deadlines for milestones.

So I put out the word and put up 3 job postings on different artist forums.  Coming up with the job description was so terrifying, I was extremely worried that I wouldn’t get any serious replies.  But on the first day, I got 3 replies overnight.  And in the next couple of days I got more and more, a total of 14.  Some were bad, like real bad.  Some were good, but hard to deal with.  But I finally found someone who I can afford, gave me though out estimates for time to complete, and is talented to boot!  Also I have a company logo now, it is like 90% ready, so I can’t wait to put that up everywhere.

I’ve been mostly doing business stuff these past two weeks, but I’ve been programming here and there.  I finally added friends to the player party!  And I’ve been testing the game on my Ouya, too!  Not sure if I will be able to dual launch on PC and Ouya at the same time, yet, but it looks promising.

Oh and I’ve been writing a lot!  I wrote out descriptions for all of the main characters and antagonists, but more importantly I wrote the ending!  The ending is something I’ve been trying to figure out for the past month, but I finally found the perfect way to wrap everything up in a nice little bow.  It’s no Breaking Bad ending, but I am pretty damn proud of it. I’ve got quite a bit more writing to do, but I feel like now I am just filling in the gaps. It’s like a big paint by numbers, I know what goes where, I just got to fill it in.

Work In Progress – Week 6 Update

Comparing how the game looked week 1 make me realize how far things have come! I’ve been a busy bee: writing, coding, writing, coding, designing, coding, testing… and all the while drinking gratuitous amounts of coffee. The story is still in it’s infancy, but I know exactly how the game is going to start and what is going to be in the demo. Aiming to have the demo, an awesome video, and a Kickstarter page up by April!

Here are some pics of the current build:

[LibGDX] Control Scene2D Buttons With A Controller

LibGDX provides a great way to setup a UI, but it only works with touch or mouse and keyboard.  I really wanted to control the main menu of my game with my controller, so I made a wrapper to simulate mouse movement with the D-pad and mouse click with the A button.

Note: this only supports buttons in a single row or column, I will probably being adding support for selecting buttons in a table grid when I add my in game menu. Also, I may add support for controlling buttons through the keyboard arrow keys.

Hopefully this helps someone else!